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Get up to $250,000 in business funding in as little as 7 days!

Had trouble getting funding from one of the big banks? Don’t worry. Our creative funding strategies, flexible guidelines, and exclusive partnerships help bring business funding back into your reach.

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Join now, and you’ll get this incredible opportunity to access simple funding, our full portal of resources, LIVE calls with elite credit experts, and so much more … for $1,000 OFF!

No tax returns, W2s, or bank statements required!

Even if you have less-than-stellar credit, E-Z Funding can still get you the funds you need by putting your application in front of our partner investors. We leverage our long-term partner relationships to get you a “yes” when you’ve been told “no” before!

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What You Get – 12 Months of Access to:

Our Highly Motivated Group of 20+ E-Z Funding Investment Partners

For up to $250,000 in funding for your business

Several Rounds of Funding

Need a little now and a little more later? Get what you need, when you need it. You only pay our 10% funding fee on funds you accept, so you never pay for money you don’t need!

Professional Game Plan

As soon as you sign up, you’ll speak one-on-one with one of our Wealth Expert Advisors. Together, you’ll create a blueprint for taking your business where you want it to go.

Monthly Q&A Call

Every month, Credit Expert Will Roundtree hosts a live Q&A call where you’ll get all your questions answered so you keep taking the right steps toward success.


Funding Checklist

Follow this checklist to make sure you’re taking the right steps and avoiding pitfalls on your journey.

“Credit to Cash from Las Vegas” Webinar

Start your financial journey off right with this webinar from the City of Lights.

Funding is GUARANTEED!

If you meet our easy funding requirements (which almost everyone does), you’re guaranteed to get funding of up to $250,000!

And if you’re “not quite there” yet, we’ll help you get there with our credit repair services, which will drastically increase your credit score in about 45 days (for an additional fee). While you’re building your credit score, you’ll still have access to our E-Z Funding portal and all our resources so you don’t miss a step on your journey to the ultimate prize – small business success.

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